Carnaval de Trujillo 2015

My adventure into the Extremadura region of Spain was completed with a two day visit to Trujillo.  My trip to Caceres was wonderful, but I was ready for some better weather and CARNAVAL!  I came to Trujillo mainly to visit the fortress (blog post coming soon) but stumbled upon a wonderful festival.  My friends in Madrid were correct, Extremadura is where you want to be to get away from the hustle and bustle of Madrid, and see where Old Spain not only lives but thrives.  Trujillo is an ancient town known for the home of the conquestadors.  Francisco Pizarro is from Trujillo and a statue of him decorates the Plaza Mayor.  I also encountered his supposed family at the Francisco Pizarro Bar.

My trip to Trujillo was therapeutic.  I needed a dosage of simpleness and something genuine.  Carnaval provided me with the antidote to an ailment and I am grateful for my experience and new found friendships from this trip.  Enjoy the photos and your feedback is much appreciated!



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Running of the Bulls 








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Where to Stay

Izan Hotel

Plaza del Campo, 1

Trujillo, Spain 10200

Stay tuned for more information on Trujillo. Two more post on Trujillo’s Plaza Mayor and Castle will be coming next week.  Enjoy!

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