Dublin Castle

During my recent trip to Dublin, I was able to visit Dublin Castle.  The castle looks more like a palace, however it was originally built in 1204 as a fortification for King John of England (1) and over the centuries the castle turned into more of a royal residence.  It is said that  King John kept his treasure inside the castle and built large walls with towers to protect his money.  Up until 1922, the castle served as the seat of power of the British crown in Ireland.

I was impressed with the castles history, beauty, and design.  The castle had a typical Norman design with thick walls on each side   Sadly, most of the walls are long gone.  The fortification also had four tall towers on all corners.  The only tower that remains is the Record Tower which was built in 1228.

The Record Tower.

The Record Tower.

I decided to take the tour offered by the castle and I was glad I did.  Our tour guide provided us with loads of information and he was easy to follow.  He also answered all our questions and provided us with a memorable experience.


Medieval Undercroft

The first stop on our tour was the basement beneath the finance office.  The medieval undercroft has some amazing history and I was surprised at how big the site was.  The old walls that ran along the river Poddle were on full display with modern stairs connecting the walls and entrances.  I was amazed to see the walls still in tact and that they can hold up the modern building above it.

After touring the the basement of the finance office we then visited the State Apartments.

IMG_2869 IMG_2872

The entrance to the apartments is regal.  Everything seems well thought out and planned.  I was very impressed with its history and beauty.

Representing the four realms of Ireland.

Representing the four realms of Ireland.

State Drawing Room

This room is utilized for receiving foreign dignitaries to Ireland.  The room was built in 1830 and formally served as the Lieutenant’s principal reception room.

The Throne Room
The Throne Room

The Throne Room

Saint Patrick’s Hall
Saint Patrick's Hall

Saint Patrick’s Hall

Saint Patrick’s Hall is the largest room in the State Apartments.  It is a beautiful room decorated with painting, flags, and statues.  The halls used to serve as the ball room for the Lieutenant Governor of Ireland, but it now is used for presidential inauguration and other stately functions.

My visit to Dublin Castle was both fun and educational.  If you’re in Dublin, this is a must see while visiting.

More Information


Monday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Sunday and public holidays 12:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.


Adults €8.50

Students €6.50

Children under 12 €

For more information visit www.dublincastle.ie


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