A Two Night Stay in Segovia Continued

Please read part one of A Two Night Stay in Segovia prior to reading the post below.

Day Two

Before I begin the second post of Segovia, below is a video I created that should give you a good feel for the beauty of one of Spain’s most stunning cities.

Catedral de Segovia.

Catedral de Segovia.

Segovia Cathedral

After an amazing first day in Segovia we were up early on day two ready to see more of the city.  However, we first made a stop at one of the lovely restaurants in the Plaza Mayor for breakfast.   They didn’t have the american style breakfast my dad was hoping for but it satisfied our needs and it gave us the energy we needed to get through the morning.

My parents enjoying their coffee and breakfast.

My parents enjoying their coffee and breakfast.

Taking photographs or video inside the cathedral is not allowed.  However, my parents and I were impressed with the cathedral and spent a good hour exploring the many beautiful rooms inside the church.  The original church was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and was first called Santa Maria.  Of special note is that the church was located near the Alcazar or Castle of Segovia.  In 1521 during the Comuneros War, Santa Maria was destroyed.  Charles V proposed a new church that would be dedicated to the ascension of Mary to heaven.(1)  On the 8th of June 1525 construction began on the new church.  Work continued for centuries and finally, the church was consecrated on July 16, 1768 by the acting bishop of Segovia Juan Jose Martinez Escalzo.(2)

Hours of Operation

November – March:  9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

April – October:  9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Entrance to the cathedral is €2.00 and the tower entrance is €5.00.

For more information on the cathedral visit Segovia Cathedral.

One of the many lion statues guarding the gate of the cathedral.

One of the many lion statues guarding the gate of the cathedral.

Fortunately, a few days before our arrival the tower you see in the background of the picture above was open to the public.  The tower had been closed off to visitors for over 400 years.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  Sadly, my parents were unable to climb the 800 plus steps so they went back to their room to rest.

The Tower

View from the second platform of the tower.

View from the second platform of the tower.

After your first few hundred steps up the tower, you are guided into a gorgeous banquet hall that has priceless tapestries hanging on the walls (no pictures are allowed due to the tapestries).  In this room, you will be shown a very well made video about the history of the cathedral and how a few centuries ago, lighting struck the tower and burned it to the ground.  After the fire, the city of Segovia was devastated and sank into a state of depression.  Luckily, funds poured in from around the country and Rome to rebuild the tower.



The Alcazar/The Castle

El Alcazar

El Alcazar

Sadly, my parents were in no shape to walk the many halls and stairs of the castle so we took pictures outside the castle and admired the architecture and passion that went into building such an amazing structure.  In 2010 I toured the castle, but my photos are not with me so I will have to create a separate post on the castle in the Spring of 2015 when I return to Spain.  However, I’ve added a view photos below of the alcazar for your viewing pleasure.

View of the Alcazar from the Church of Vera Cruz.

View of the Alcazar from the Church of Vera Cruz.


The Church of Vera Cruz

The Church of Vera Cruz.

The Church of Vera Cruz.

The Church of Vera Cruz is situated just outside the city.  The church was consecrated in 1208 by the Knights Templar.  Some say the church is more of a shrine because it is said to house a fragment of the true cross.

I visited the church previously in 2010 and sat near the cross pictured above for a few hours.  I made a promise to return to Segovia one day and to be much happier than I was at that time in my life.  I am grateful for the many blessing that have been bestowed on me since that day.


Our two nights in Segovia were magical.  We were able to experience so many wonderful and amazing things that Segovia has to offer.  If you’re ever in Madrid wondering where to go for a day trip, Segovia should be at the top of your list.


*1-2 were taken from the cathedral’s brochure.

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