Photo Gallery of Piazza del Popolo

The Piazza del Popolo or “People’s Square” originally got its name from the church in the square with a similar name.  Santa Maria del Popolo is located in the northwest corner of the square.(1)  This was the church that was seen in the movie Angel’s and Demons.

Church of Santa Maria del Popolo on the right.

Church of Santa Maria del Popolo on the right.

Many centuries ago, travelers coming to Rome from the North would have entered the square via the Porta del Popolo (pictures above in the center).  However, during ancient times the gate would have been within the Aurelan Walls.

The size of the square is impressive and it is a good place to people watch and take photographs during your visit to Rome.  The current version of the square was designed by Giuseppe Valadier from 1811-1822.(2)

I have created a gallery with some comments below.  I look forward to receiving your feedback about your thoughts and experiences while visiting Piazza del Popolo.


On the south side of the square, there are two beautiful churches (pictured above).  The church on the left is Santa Maria in Montesanto (1662-1675) and the church on the right is Santa Maria dei Micacoli (1675-1679).(3)  In between the two churches is via del Corso which is one of Rome’s main streets.  If you follow the road from the square it will take you directly to Piazza Venezia.


In the center of the square is the Fontana dell Obelisco or the Obelisk Fountain.  The obelisk is Egyptian and it was created by Sety I and later by Ramesses II.(4)  I am not too certain how the obelisk found its way to Rome, but I am sure it is very similar to the story of the obelisk that is locate in Saint Peter’s Square.




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On the west side of the square is the Fontana del Nettuno or the Fountain of Neptune.  Located on the east side of the square is the Fontana Dea Roma.

Fontana del Nettuno

Fontana del Nettuno

Dea Roma

Dea Roma


This is my last post on Rome, until my return in February 2015.  I hope I was able to express my wonderful experience in such a beautiful and historically rich city.

Helpful hints.

From the square, if you walk south on Via del Babuino, within 5 minutes you will come across the Spanish Steps.  Also from the square, if you walk south on Via di Ripetta, you will come across Piazza Augusto.  The tomb is fenced off and the grounds are in pretty bad shape.


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*sources taken from and travel guides.

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