Split & Hvar Photo Gallery

Split, Croatia is a beautiful and historic city that has been on my must see list for years.  I was nine weeks into my Balkan journey when I arrived in Split. I was tired, in pain from the nasty spill I took in Lokrum, and I was also meeting a few friends in both cities.  My instincts told me to put down the camera, enjoy the cities, and catch up with old friends.  I slowed things down a bit but not completely.  I spent four nights in Split and three nights in Hvar and a lot of my day time was spent swimming the beautiful waters of the Croatian coast and watching the the third and fourth round of the World Cup.  I am so glad I had a chance to catch up with old friends and create new memories.  I hope my gallery of both Split and Hvar provides you with a sense of each cities beauty and wonder.



I had a wonderful time with my friends in Split and Hvar.  It was nice catching up with them and hearing about their lives compared to my hectic travel schedule.  In addition, I found time to relax and rest for the next leg of my journey.  After getting off the catamaran from Hvar back to Split, I soon boarded a bus that took me directly to Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.



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