Photography Assignment: Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is short 10 minute boat ride from the Old Town of Dubrovnik.  The boats leave from the Old City Harbor several times a day, however I recommend getting there early so you can have enough time to see the entire island.  The island is a UNESCO protected forestry reserve that has a mysterious past.  Legend has it that King Richard the Lion Heart was a castaway on the island after returning from the crusades in 1192.*(Taken from Lokrum Brochure/  It is said that he made a vow while coming ashore to build a church on the island.  The church was not built on Lokrum, but rather in old town Dubrovnik.  There is also an old fort on the island.  More is known about the fort and who built it.  Fort Royal was built by Napoleon’s troops in 1806.  However, I am not sure if Napoloen himself was ever on the island.  Please provide feedback below if you know more about the fort.

I couldn’t pass up a chance to visit the island so I decided to take a day trip to Lokrum to learn more.  Lokrum has many things to do and see so as I recommend earlier giver a full day.  Once all the site seeing is complete, you can visit Stijene Rocks and take a dip in the water to cool off.  We’ll get to all of that later on in the post.

I left early in the morning and made it just in time before the boat departed.  I did not sit during the ride, but rather, I stood at the back of the boat to get some photos of the Old Harbor.

Departure point for Lokrum Island.

Departure point for Lokrum Island.

Vie of Dubrovnik from the back of the boat.

Vie of Dubrovnik from the back of the boat.

After a few short minutes, we arrived at the harbor in Lokrum Island.  Immediately after disembarking, I stumbled upon a beautiful peacock in my path.  How could I not take a photo of this beautiful feathered create?  🙂



Before I continue, I should warn you that the island is large and a bit treacherous.  There are massive hills that need traversing and the paths are filled with large rocks which makes hiking the island a bit tricky.  I took a nasty spill while trying to a get a photograph of the coast.  I don’t want to discourage you, but you should know that you should NOT wear pretty sandals or nice shoes.  Keep aware of your surrounding and please ensure you watch every step you take.

I will highlight the things I saw on the island and give you some background on each location.

Fort Royal
Fort Royal.

Fort Royal.

Fort Royal is perched onto of a very high hill on the island.  Once you arrive simply observe the signs along that path and they will guide you to the fort.  The fort was built in 1806 by Napoleon’s troops and it is still in decent condition.  At the top of the tower (pictured above) you will have a stunning view of the surrounding area.  The tower is also a good place to hide form the sun and cool off during the hot summer months.

View of the south side of the island.

View of the south side of the island.

View of the boats cruising the Adriatic.

View of the boats cruising the Adriatic.

I spent a good 30 minutes at Fort Royal.  I drank most of my water, cooled off in the shade, and studied my map.  Once I knew where to go I headed down the path towards the monastery.  Your direction on the path will be southeast.  Within in a few minutes you will come across The Path of Paradise and the Big Water Reservoir.  It’s important to follow the signs or you will find yourself walking in circles.

Path leaving Fort Royal.

Path leaving Fort Royal.

The Monastery ComplexIMG_9595

The monastery is a beautiful complex that takes the visitor back through time.  The gardens are beautiful and several of the building are picturesque.  If you get hungry or need a drink there is a restaurant and bar located near the monastery.  I had my mind set on having a shake at the bar near the port so I decided to keep moving and walk towards the Stijene Rocks.

Stijene Rocks
Path to the Stijene Rocks.

Path to the Stijene Rocks.

After taking pictures on the rocks I walked back towards the harbor where the boat would take me back to the Dubrovnik.  However, I made a stop at the bar near the port and had a kiwi shake, which was delicious.

Kiwi shake.

Kiwi shake.

I drank my delicious shake while I waited for the boat to take me back to the old town and I thought about the past four days.  I was thinking about my early morning shoots and how beautiful the city looked, I thought about the friendly people I had met, I thought about the amazing food, and I also thought about all the things I learned about Dubrovnik’s history.  I wanted to keep on day dreaming, but I heard someone say the boat has arrived, so I gathered my things and made the short walk to the Port of Portoc.  I walked with a smile on my face and joy in my heart knowing I just spent four days in one of the most amazing cities in the world.  My smile grew even wider knowing I was heading to Split the next day.

Other sites to see
  1. The Dead Sea
  2. The Well of Charlotte
  3. The Garden of Maximilian
  4. The Cross of the Triton
  5. The Lazaret (old stone wall with not entrance)
  6. The Chapel of the Annunciation


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