Photography Assignment: Dubrovnik Part Two

Please read Part One of Photography Assignment:  Dubrovnik prior to reading Part Two.  

Every morning I set out guided by two awesome maps the tourist office provided me when I arrived.  I knew I needed to see the City Walls so I decided to do that first.  After my early morning shoot, I made my way back to my hostel where I put away my tripod and other gear that I would be a burden carrying in the summer heat.  Once that was done, I then made the short walk to the entrance; which opens at 9:00 a.m.  The entrance to the City Walls is located near Saint Savior Church and is right in front of the Big Onofrio’s Fountain.

City Walls

The Old Town of Dubrovnik is completely walled in.  The wall is monumental and it is 1,940 meters long.  I highly recommend traversing the wall in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the scorching heat.  Granted there are a few shaded restaurants and bars you can stop during your tour of the walls, but seeing the walls during sunset or sunrise is more ideal for better photos.

I arrived right at 9:00 a.m. and I was excited to be the first customer of the day.  I soon made my way up the steep stairs where I was confronted with a stunning view of Old Town Dubrovnik.

View of Placa (Stradun) from the City Walls.

View of Placa (Stradun) from the City Walls.


The walls are considered to be the main attraction for tourist in Dubrovnik, but I think this is selling the city short.

Cost for the City Walls:  40 Croatian Kunas

Below are my recommendations of what to do and see during your visit.  Again, these are my opinions so if you have something to share or add, please comment below the post.

Cultural Inclinations

The Franciscan Monastery

I visited the Franciscan Monastery to take photos of the courtyard, however I was pleasantly surprised how much history and significance the monastery has had in Dubrovnik.  Inside the monastery is the third oldest pharmacy in the world.  I couldn’t take pictures inside the museum, but I hope the photos below give you a  good idea of how beautiful the grounds are and why you should visit.

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The Dominican Monastery-Museum

The Dominican Monastery is similar to the Franciscan Monastery, however the museums are completely different.  The monastery is located on the other side of the city near the Old Port.  Don’t forget to also visit Saint Sebastian Church, which is located near the monastery.  Photos are also not allowed inside the museum, but you can take pictures inside the church.

Saint Sebastian Church.

Saint Sebastian Church.

Rectors Palace

The Rector’s Palace is a beautiful building located near the Old Port.  The palace is a museum that has many treasures of Dubrovnik’s past.  Inside you will find a dungeon, old lock boxes, and a war photo gallery.  I highly recommend making a stop here and learning more about Dubrovnik’s past.

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Hava a Drink at Buza

After walking in the sun for a few hours you might want to cool off by taking a break in Buza.  Buza, is a very fun and relaxing bar with spectacular views.  The bar is located past the Cathedral Treasury.  You will find the entrance near the City Walls.


View one you want into the bar.

View once you walk into the bar.

Enjoying the shade after walking for hours in the sun.

Enjoying the shade after walking for hours in the sun.


Cable Car Ride

While in Dubrovnik, make sure you walk towards the North City Entrance and buy a ticket near the gate for the cable car ride up to the mountain.  The cost for the roundtrip ticked is 100 Croatian Kuna.  There are no discounts for students, however pay the kuna because the views of the city are spectacular.

Cable car to the top of Fort Imperial.

Cable car to the top of Fort Imperial.

View from the top.

View from the top.

The Christian Cross on top of Fort Imperial.

The Christian Cross on top of Fort Imperial.

More photos of Dubrovnik can be seen and purchased at

Where To Stay
Entrance to Old Town Hostel.

Entrance to Old Town Hostel.

Well before I arrived in Dubrovnik, I booked a private room at Old Town Hostel.  The hostel located off the Placa Strandun.  For more information click here Old Town Hostel.  Once you arrive you will be greeted by very friendly and accommodating staff.  Also, get to know Mike, the owner.  He is a great guy and enjoys getting to know his guest and ensuring they have a pleasant stay.

I had an amazing stay in Dubrovnik.  However, there was still one more thing I needed to do before my departure to Split.  I needed to photograph Lokrum Island.


Special thanks to the:

Dubrovnik Tourist Board Information Center/PILE: Brsalje 5, tel/fax: +385 20 312 011


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