5 Things To Do in Tivat, Montenegro

My visit to Tivat, Montenegro was absolutely splendid.  I wasn’t sure how much of a difference the town would be when compared to it’s neighbor, Kotor.  After all, Kotor is only a 15 minute cab ride from Tivat, but I had booked my stay a month prior to my arrival and decided not to change my plans.  Thank goodness I stayed.  Here are 5 Things To Do In Tivat.

1  Relax and Meet Wonderful People at Hostel Anton

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Hostel Anton is located in the suburbs or hills of Tivat.  It’s about a 10-15 walk to the center of town from the hostel, but the walk is beautiful.  My private room at the hostel was spacious, comfortable, and clean.  The location of the hostel provides guests with a stunning view of the bay and surrounding hills.  The top deck is the best place to take pictures and relax.  The staff are a mixed bag of Europeans from Ukraine to France.  They are mostly friendly and helpful.  In addition, to all the things I mentioned, the hostel has a bar and they serve delicious dinners for around 4 euros a person.  Again, I highly recommend a two – three night stay at Hostel Anton.

2  Take a Dip in Gradska Plaza Town Beach
Gradska Plaza Town Beach.

Gradska Plaza Town Beach.

Gradska Plaza Town Beach is a place to take a dip in the bay and cool off from the intense summer heat.  I swam for a few hours early on in my stay, but I didn’t return for a few reasons.  Here are a few things to keep in mind.  The beach is not a real beach.  The space is limited and there is no sand.  What you will experience is a lot of concrete with ladders hanging into the water.  Also, don’t expect to see beach volleyball during your visit here.

3  Have a Drink at the Bars in setaliste Pine
Lovely view from the bar.

Lovely view from the bar.

Yachts anchored in the bay.

Yachts anchored in the bay.

Stick around for sundown and enjoy the stunning view.

Stick around for sundown and enjoy the stunning view.

Setaliste Pine is a nice place to have some food, order a drink, and watch the multimillion dollar yachts ached in the bay.  The food and drinks are a bit more expensive here when compared to other areas of Tivat.

4  Take a Day Trip to Kotor


Buses leave from Tivat to Kotor several times a day.  You can also take a cab for a cost of €10-12.  For more details about Kotor click here.  The Medieval Streets of Kotor.

5  Take a Walk through Gradski Park
One of many monuments in the park.

One of many monuments in the park.

If you walk from the hostel to the center of town you will come across Gradski Park.  The park is not big in size so it won’t take too much time exploring the park in its entirety.  However, it is a nice place to escape from the scorching sun and cool off in the shade provided by tall beautiful trees.

My four days in Tivat were fun not only because of the five things I mentioned above, but because I also met some wonderful people.  I met an amazing group of girls from Denmark who were on vacation.  I call them the Fab 5.  The Fab 5 have been friends for years and they always find time for each other and travel.  I can’t wait to have a drink with them during my visit to Copenhagen in late August. In addition, I met Anna, who is from Germany.  Anna, spent two weeks on her own traversing the entire country of Montenegro on her bicycle.  She openly shared her adventure with me and we also shared our passion for photography.  After sharing several travel stories, we walked to a pub near setaliste Pine to watch Germany vs. Algeria.  Looking back at my time in Montenegro, I feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people.

I love meeting fellow Dream Chasers.  Keep chasing your dreams my friends… don’t ever stop chasing.


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