Sliding and Chanting into Magnificent Ohrid, Macedonia

My bus ride from Skopje to Ohrid was a thrilling ride to say the least.  The driver smoked, was on his cell phone constantly, and argued with a few customers who refused to pay.  When I say argued, he actually would take his eyes off the road and turn and face the customer and yell for a few minutes while the bus would swerve and glide through the winding mountain roads.  I was sitting with a group of Brits and we decided to put together a chant every time the bus driver got distracted.  Watch the road!  Watch the road!  Watch the road!  We had the entire bus laughing and some locals actually joined in.  When we arrived in Ohrid, the driver was not very happy with me or the Brits, but I think he got the message.  As a former transportation safety and security trainer, I take safety in transport very seriously.  Nonetheless, we all arrived safe and sound.

Stunning.  Gorgeous.  Breathtaking. Beautiful.  These were the adjectives that came to mind when I first laid my eyes on Ohrid, Macedonia.  I had spoken with many travelers throughout the Balkans and according to them, Ohrid was a must see.  Like many people, I love being near the water and Lake Ohrid is absolutely beautiful.  Ohrid is not a big city, but it’s just the right size to get lost for a few days.

Where I stayed.

I booked a private room at Sunny Lake Hostel; which has won several awards for best hostel in all of Europe.  The staff were friendly and professional.

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Lake Ohrid

The above video should give you a good idea of the size of Lake Ohrid.  I would have preferred a bright and sunny morning but I think the video is clear enough to demonstrate it’s size and beauty.  There are several boat companies that provide a tour of the lake, but the weather has to be good for them to open for tourist.

Boats of Lake Ohrid

Below is a photo gallery of the beautiful boats on Lake Ohrid.


I spent a few days walking along the lake and taking photos of the beautiful boats floating along the shore.  Another place I spent time in was Samuel’s Fort.

Samuel's Fortress.

Samuel’s Fortress.

Interior of the fortress.

Interior of the fortress.

Views from Samuel’s Fortress. 

View from the Tower.

View from the Tower.


Samuel was a Bulgarian King that ruled the area many centuries ago.  In 2013, the fortes was refurbished and opened to tourist.  Local archeologist are now claiming the current fortress was built on top of a much older fortification which was probably built by Philip II of Macedon.

Food & Drink

During my stay in Ohrid, I cooked in my apartment, which was fun and refreshing.  I also bought a bottle of wine and relaxed on the deck during the evening.  I met several fellow travelers and we shared our collective experiences.

More Things to See and Do

  1. Sv. Jovan-Kaneo
  2. The Basilica
  3. Antic Theatre
  4. Gallery of Icons
  5. The Museum of Slav Literature

Ohrid was a perfect place for me to catch up with my reading, writing, and photo editing.  I can’t say enough about the cities beauty and tranquility.  If you’re passing through Macedonia, ensure you plan a few days in Ohrid to relax and enjoy the lake.  Also, if you have been to Ohrid and have more advise, please add your comments below to help other travelers that are thinking about visiting Ohrid.


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