Leaving Romania Via Timisoara

After traveling through the beautiful region of Transylvania I followed my instincts and took a train to Timisoara.  Timisoara was my last stop before going to Belgrade, Serbia for a photography assignment.  After recharging in Cluj-Napoca I was ready for more exploring and taking photos.

Timisoara is located in western Romanian near the Serbian border.  The city used to be part of the Hungarian Empire prior to becoming part of Romania.  I decided to visit Timisoara because several of the wonderful people I met in Romania recommended the city and said I would enjoy its beauty and people.  They were absolutely correct.

Unfortunately, I should have taken a bust from Cluj-Napocoa instead of the train.  The train ride lasted 7+ hours and by the time I arrived in Timisoara it was nearly midnight.  Therefore, an entire day was spent in transit rather than exploring.  Luckily, my hosts at Downtown Hostel warmly welcomed me and showed me to my private room; which was very cozy and clean.

After an amazing nights sleep, I got myself together and headed out on the town for some sightseeing.  The hostel ideally located on Piata Victorei which is a perfect place to have a coffee, glass of wine, good food, and of course take amazing photos.

Early morning coffee at one of the cafes on Piata Victorei.

Early morning coffee at one of the cafes on Piata Victorei.

After my early morning coffee, I started taking pictures of the square and surrounding streets.

I had heard that both Unirri Square (same name as the square in Cluj-Napocoa) and Liberty Square were beautiful and would be a good place to take some photos in the early morning or at sundown.  Both squares were under complete renovation.

Unirri Square.

Unirri Square.


There was nothing that I could do but press on and find other places to explore.  I had heard of an old fortress in the city and used my city map provided by the hostel to make my way over to see it and take pictures.  As luck would have it, the fortress walls were the only thing left.  Inside the fortress were several bars, restaurants, and offices.  After my second disappointment, I put my map away and started exploring freestyle.

I stumbled upon the Botanical Gardens were there was an art festival.  I wasn’t sure what the theme of the festival was, but there were several odd looking painting, photos, and structures that had me a bit confused.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My luck began to change after my short visit to the gardens.  I stumbled upon a very cool bar called Aethomative.  It’s located across the street from the gardens on Marasesti Street.  After hours out in the hot sun, Aethomative was a nice place to relax and have a cold beverage.  I ordered a glass of wine, connected to the wifi, and took a few pictures.

Over the next three days in Timisoara I spent my time working on several projects and catching up on several blog posts.  However, I still ventured out and took photos.



Timisoara is an amazing city.  It’s at a cross roads of both the Serbian and Hungarian borders.  The people are friendly and the city is absolutely beautiful.  I can’t wait to see the city next year when hopefully, the construction is complete and more photos can be taken of both Unirri Square and Liberty Square.

More About Timisoara

Where to stay?

I stayed at the Downtown Hostel which is right in the center of Victory Plaza.  I rented a private room for about 20 euros a night.  Here is a link for more information  http://downtownhostel.ro

Where to eat and drink?

There are several amazing bars and restaurants on Victory Square.  However, if you walk south past the orthodox church along Regele Ferdinand I Street, you will come to a bridge.  Under the bridge along the river are several bars and restaurants.  This is the trendy and youthful part of the city.  I cannot remember the name of the bar, but there is a boat on the river which is a good place to have a drink.

My time in Romania was amazing.  I spent a total of 5 weeks exploring a country that had always been on my travel list but the timing was never right.  My heart felt heavy on the train to Belgrade, but I was also so appreciative to have had the blessing to have met so many amazing people in Romania.  I loved the food, the wine, and the history of each and every city I visited.  Romania was a good shock to my travel system.  Several of my friends asked me why in the world would you go to Romania.  Well, I hope my posts about this amazing country have answered those questions.  I cannot wait to see more of Romania in the Spring of 2015; which will be right after my trip to Southeast Asia.

The next few post will be about my time in Serbia and Kosovo.


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