A Beautiful Week in Brasov, Romania

After spending a fun-filled two weeks in Bucharest, I headed north to visit the city of Brasov for a week.  The train ride took about 6 hours, which is a long time, but I occupied my time chatting up some locals and editing my photos.  During my three months in Madrid, I had thoroughly researched Brasov and thought it would be a perfect place to visit.  My week was filled with exploring Brasov and venturing out for day trips to Bran, Rasnov, and Sigishioara.

Saint Nicholas Church

My first day exploring the town, I wandered into the the Saint Nicholas Church near old town.  The weather the previous day had been horrible.  There was high winds, rain, and thunder.  Luckily, my second day in Brasov the weather changed for the better and it turned out to be a good morning for taking pictures and I was pleased with the results.

When I first researched the church’s age, I couldn’t believe it was built in 1292.  Of course, it has been restored throughout the centuries, but the church still stands proudly and I think it is beautiful.  I strolled around the grounds and took several pictures of the courtyard behind the church.  For my photog friends, pictures inside the church are not allowed.

Church grounds.

Church grounds.

Catherine’s Gate

After the church, I made my way down the main road south towards the old town.  I came across Catherine’s Gate and took a few pictures.

The original gate was built by the tailor’s guild in in 1559.  The gate was specifically designed for defensive purposes.* (travel brochure from Romanian travel office).  What I also learned was that only the Saxons stayed within the walls during medieval times.  The local Romanians had to stay outside the wall and provide the food from agriculture to their saxon masters.

Kafe pub

Strolling down towards old town, I made a pit stop into Kafe pub.

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The Black Church

I left Kafe pub and walked across the street towards the Black Church.  The original date of construction of the church is unknown, but it is believed to have begun in the late 14th century.  The church was completed in the late 15th century in full gothic design.  Sadly, the church does not allow photos or video to be taken inside and the cost for admission for one adult is 16 Lei.

The City Center (Old Town)

The city center is filled with bars, cafes, and restaurants and this can a little overwhelming like most major cities in Europe, but the center is easy to navigate.

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Bistro de l’Arte

Several times during the week, I visited Bistro de l’Arte to have lunch, tea or a glass of wine.  The bistro is trendy and very popular with locals.  The staff are very friendly and speak multiple languages.

Cafe L' Art.

Cafe L’ Art.

Saxon City Walls

Part of the old Saxon walls are still standing and they were recently restored to their original design.

Gunpowder Tower.

Gunpowder Tower.



The Gunpowder Tower currently is used as a souvenir shop and the promenade is not accessible to visitors.

Carpenter's Tower.

Carpenter’s Tower.

A Beautiful Week in in Brasov, Romania Part 2

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