Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Bulgaria was an amazing country to visit and my last stop was Veliko Tarnovo or as some call it,  “The City of the Tsars.”  Veliko Tarnovo is the former capital of the Bulgarian Empire and its location is obviously very strategic.   The city is not as old as Plovdiv, but it’s old.  The cities history goes back 5,000 years.  Another wow!  Medieval Veliko Tarnovo was a major cultural center in Europe during the middle ages.

My experience in Veliko Tarnovo was comparable with both Sofia and Plovdiv.  However, due to an ankle injury, I wasn’t able to see everything I wanted during my six day visit.  The way I reached Veliko Tarnovo was via train.  One of the major train lines was being repaired so I had to take a bus for an hour, which added time to my journey. The total time for the journey from Plovdiv was 5 1/2 hours.  You can also take a direct bus from Plovdiv which takes around 5 hours.

Here are my major highlights of the city and what I feel is important to experience.

Monument of the Assens

The Monument of the Assens is dedicated to the Bulgarian kings from 1185 – 1241.  During this time the state reached the pinnacle of it’s power and the monument attempts to capture that strength and prowess.

The Monument of the Assens.

The Monument of the Assens.

The monument is located right above the Yantra river.  The views from Old Town are magnificent.

View from Old Town.

View from Old Town.

More pictures of the monument.

Tsarevets Fortress

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For more information on the fortress click here Tsarevets Fortress.

Where to Stay

The are plenty of nice hotels, hostels, and Guest Houses to stay in Veliko Tarnovo.  Where I highly recommend staying is Hostel Mostel.  I reserved a private room, but there are plenty of other options.  For example, you can also camp out in the back garden with your own tent.  The staff are amazing!  Their sole mission is to make your stay an enjoyable one.  The Hostel Mostel in Sofia was also a good place to stay and the staff at both locations are are professional and friendly.

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Food and Drink

The hostel can provide you with several places to eat, but EGO is a restaurant in old town with a very diverse menu.  The restaurant overlooks the Monument to the Assens and the Yantra River.

Lunch at EGO.

Lunch at EGO.

Sadly, due to my ankle sprain, I wasn’t able to be as mobile as required to make this post more detailed.  However, I hope the above information does help out a few travelers thinking about visiting this historic city.  I feel that three nights should be enough to experience the city and possibly taking a day trip to the UFO.    Enjoy!

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