The Unique Houses of Plovdiv

Walking through the streets of Old Town Plovdiv was an amazing experience.  I felt as if I was back in medieval times where church bells ring every hour, cobble stone streets lead you to undiscovered locations, and where building look like places you only see in movies.  I had a wonderful time visiting the art galleries, museums, and churches in the old town, but I wanted to highlight three main houses for all of you to enjoy.  The three main houses (exhibitions and art galleries) I want to promote on my post are the Zlatyu Boyadzhiev Gallery, the Balabanov House, and the Stephan Hindliyan House.

The Zlatyu Boyadzhiev Gallery

Zlatyu Boyadzhiev was a famous Bulgarian painter known for his painting of Old Town Plovidv.  I was very impressed with his work, and enjoyed the gallery.  However, I did notice a difference in his painting (first floor-early period and the second floor – late period).  I learned that the painter suffered a stroke in 1951.  Many years after his stroke he learned to paint with his left hand which changed his style of painting.  The cost for adults to enter the gallery is 5.0 Lev.  This is a good place to visit so you can see Plovdiv through the eyes of one of their best painters.

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The Balbanov House

The Balbanov House was first built in the early 19th century.  Unfortunately, through the centuries the house was neglected and eventually demolished.  However, in the early 20th century, architect Hristo Peev, rebuilt the Balbanov House with the original plans.  The style of the house is amazing.  I completely felt as if I was back in the early 19th century.  The hand carved wood ceiling and classy furniture gives the house an old style look and feel.  Currently the house is utilized for tourism, exhibitions, town meeting, and some theater performances.  The cost to visit the house is 5.0 Lev.

Stepan Hindliyan House

This amazing structure was once owned by the merchant Stepan Hindliyan and was built in 1835.  Out of all the houses I visited in Plovdiv, this house really impressed me with its classy style and ornate painting on the walls.  The cost for adults to visit the house is also 5.0 Lev.

I had an amazing time touring the houses in Old Town Plovdiv.  I spent an entire day roaming around the old town area viewing all that it has to offer.  If you plan on visiting Plovdiv, please make a stop in the three locations on this post.  Help support this amazing city and all that it has to offer.

Special thanks to the Ancient Plovdiv Municipal Institute for working with me and allowing private access to the houses and galleries.  

Ancient Plovdiv Municipal Institute
50 K. Stoilov Str.
+359 876 192 700
+359 32 62 70 59


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6 Comments on “The Unique Houses of Plovdiv

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  2. Hello,

    Amazing post, and blog overall.

    I don’t know if you plan to return to Plovdiv but if you have even the slightest possibility- do it. Plovdiv has changed SO much, you will not believe your eyes. And of course, the change is for the best.

    Returning will permit you to also visit the Batchkovo monastery (amazingly beautiful), Asenova krepost (Asen fortress) or go north towards Hissarya (ancient Roman spa center with Roman fortress, amazing water, air and nature).

    There is much more, as people always say, but I won’t bore you with other possible destinations.


    P.S. I tried to post this once but I got a error, if I double post, please excuse me.


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