Хамбара (Hambara)

It’s not very often that you walk into a bar and drop your jaw out of pure amazement due to it’s ambiance.  That is exactly what happened to me when I walked into Hambara in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Hambara means bar which is a perfect name for this place.  The look and feel of Hambara is entirely bohemian.  The bar can be difficult to find if you don’t know exactly how to get there.  The address is 22, 6th of September Street.  Once you arrive at the address, the bar is behind another bar and its only access is through a small walkway that leads up to the entrance (pictured below).  Once you walk up to the door you will need to knock to be let inside.

Below I have added several pictures of the bar so you can get a feel of what an amazing place Hambara is.  I received full permission to take these photos by the bartender and I am very appreciative of her kindness.  It should also be noted that there are some bad reviews about the service and there are also some complaints about customers smoking inside.  My experience was totally positive and I found the service to be exceptional.

Entrance to Hambara.

The door was locked so I knocked on the door and was soon let into the bar.

Stairs to the second level.

Stairs to the second level.

Back view of the bar.

Back view of the bar.

Back View

View from the second level.

View from the second level.

Whiskey please.

Whiskey please.

Bar menu.

Bar menu.

I highly recommend having a few drinks at Hambara if you’re in Sofia.  If you’re looking to relax after a long day of site seeing, Hambara is the place to visit for a chilled out atmosphere that will not disappoint.

наздраве! (Cheers!)

наздраве! (Cheers!)


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  1. Sweet hambara. Love it.

    On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 1:25 PM, History Hiker


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