Rila Monastery Continued

This is part two of the Rila Monestary.  Please read part one prior to proceeding.  

After gulping down a huge beer and eating an amazing chicken breast with mixed garnish, we walked through the drizzling rain toward the monastery.  The clouds were covering up the mountain overlooking the monastery which created an amazing view for photos.  Luckily, there weren’t too many other tourists so we were able to take some pictures without too many distractions.

Clouds over the monastery.

Clouds over the monastery.

Where the monks live.

Where the monks live.

We slowly walked around the grounds before heading into the church.  We took several pictures of the amazing painting that wrapped the church’s walls.

I also made time to view the many items for sale displaying the Orthodox faith.  I thought the wood carving were gorgeous and I was tempted to buy a few items for my friends back in Texas, but I simply asked to take a few photos and walked back towards the church.

Souvenir shop.

Souvenir shop.

I was moved with the image on the right.

I was moved with the image on the right.

Pictures were not allowed inside the church, which is completely understandable.  My Australian friend and I spent a good amount of time inside the church.  We bought a few candles and said a few personal prayers.  However, I must say that I have been to dozens of religious structures around the world, but this Orthodox church moved me and made me think about my own personal faith and beliefs.  The church is absolutely beautiful.  There was a humility and tranquility inside the church that I have never seen or felt before.  The objects, symbols, and painting inside the church are powerful and inspiring.

Eventually we made our way out of the church to meet-up with our driver Vladimir.  But before we left, I took this video to share the view of the monastery.

I had an amazing day at the monastery and I am glad I met a few new friends during my trip.  If you’ve visited the monastery or plan on visiting, please comment or ask your question below.  Enjoy!

For more information on the monastery visit

Special thanks to Emma for helping me with my photos and sharing an amazing day!


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