Traveling for Beer is a Great Way to See the World

I have to have it.  I simply will not plan a trip without it.  It must be plentiful and available or I simply will not go.  What I am talking about is beer.  Yes, beer.  The fluid that never tires of flowing out of taps around the world because we never tire of drinking it and discussing this amazing creation which alters the senses and causes us to act in ways that are both good and bad.  This post is about beer and travel and why it motivates the heck out of me.

I remember arriving in Caen, France for a study abroad trip in the summer of 1998.  My knowledge of beer was Coors Light, Bud Light, and Miller Light.  I was shocked to realize that none of these beers would be available in France.  That all changed when I had my first Kronenbourg 1664.  Ok, it’s not the best beer, but at the time I thought it was pretty good.  I eventually became more bold and I had a few Kronenbourg Grand Cru.  Grand Cru changed everything and my beer of choice in college (Coors Light) has been all but forgotten.

There are several questions I ask before I plan a new trip:  I wonder if they have good beer?  Do they have a lot of different types of beers?  Is it expensive?  Where is the best place in town to have a beer?  These are all logical and serious questions that a beer lover should ask prior to visiting any country.

Why does beer motivate me to travel?

Honestly, I think a beer says a lot about a country.  It is a great way to know more about the culture and understand what a country has brewing (in more ways that one).  It is also a great way to meet locals and share your opinion of their best beers.  In my experience, locals want you to share your thoughts on their beers and this could even lead them to buy you a few rounds.  Therefore, do your research on local beers in the country you are visiting prior to arriving.

Have you ever traveled to a country where they didn’t have beer?

Unfortunately, yes.  I worked in Kuwait for nearly three weeks and I did not have one beer the entire time I was there.  Why?  It’s a dry country and it’s illegal to consume alcohol.  I wasn’t going through withdrawals but I was craving a cold one after a few days.  I had an amazing trip, but I was so ready to get on departing flight to have a beer.  Once we took off my colleague and I ordered a cold one on the plane once we were at cruising altitude.  We were both as happy as pigs in $%&#!

Which country is the King of Beers?  

Belgium.  Belgium might be a very small country but it is a beer superpower.  It is a titan in the beer world.  I lived in Brussels for over a year and I was quickly converted into a Belgian beer lover.

Final Thoughts

Fellow travelers, it is OK to plan you trips around beer.  For some, it is as important as seeing the Eiffel Tower.  However, can you say that you had a Kronenbourg Grand Cru with the Eiffel Tower in full view?  I can.

Therefore, let beer be your guide and see where flowing taps take you.  Enjoy!


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