Bags, Cameras, and Lenses! Oh My!

Camera Bag

The past few months I have received several questions about my photo gear.  What camera do you use?  What lenses do you have in your bag?  To answer these questions, I have decided to create a new post and share my tools of the trade.  Additionally, it is a great way to market the brands that I use as a travel photographer.


Canon EOS 7D (right) and Canon EOS Rebel T1i (on left and my backup)

Canon EOS 7D (right) and Canon EOS Rebel T1i (on left and my backup)

My Canon EOS 7D is my front line camera and I utilize my T1i as a backup.  I know other travel photographers use higher end cameras but my cameras get the job done for my needs.

Ready for action.

Ready for action.


Canon EFS 10-22 mm (left) and Canon EFS 18-200 mm on right.

Canon EFS 10-22 mm (left) and Canon EFS 18-200 mm on right.

I utilize both the Canon EFS 10-22 mm and the Canon EFS 18-200 mm lenses for my travel photography.  The wide angle lens (EFS 10-22 mm) is my work horse.  I take pictures of many European cities and this lense helps me get as much in the picture as possible.


Mefoto A1350Q1K

Mefoto A1350Q1K

My MeFOTO tripod is both durable and light weight.  I am absolutely satisfied with this tripod.  The maximum height is 61.6 inches and the maximum weight is 17.6 lbs (camera weight).  What I really like about this tripod is that it will fold to a manageable length of 15.4 inches.  In addition, the tripod converts into a monopod which is useful for action photos and video.

Manfrotto mini tripod.

Manfrotto mini tripod.

When my larger tripod is just not doable, I turn to my Manfrotto mini tripod.  This little gadget has worked wonders for me the past few months.  I highly recommend having one of these in your photo bag.


Lowpro Flipside Sport 15L AW

Lowepro Flipside Sport 15L AW

One of the best investments that I have made for my business is the Lowepro Flipside Sport 15L AW.  This bag is small, durable, and light.  Everything I need fits snugly into this bag.

Inside zip.

Inside zip.

I am sure over the next few years my camera will change along with my lenses, but for now, this is the equipment I use for my travel photography.  Any feedback or recommendations on equipment you use and why you think it works for you is more than welcome.  Enjoy!

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