History Hiker’s Weekly Drink: Pacharán

PacharánHappy Friday everyone!  I hope your week has been productive and that you are ready for the weekend.  This week’s drink is Pacharan.  Pacharan, is a liquor made from the black-bluish fruit from the blackthorn tree in Navarra and Aragon.  The drink originated in the Basque country of Spain but the blackthorn tree can be found throughout Europe.  This drink is strong and has a bit of a kick.  I usually have one after dinner or for a night cap.  Due to all the joy that this drink has provided to me in Spain, I am giving it a  9.  I would give it a 10 but unfortunately, it has also caused many headaches the following day.

Cheers to my friend David Drayer!  He and I had several Pacharan’s in Madrid a few years ago discussing his now released book, “Something Fierce“.

Enjoy your weekend!

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One Comment on “History Hiker’s Weekly Drink: Pacharán

  1. Ah, yes. Had many of these while trying to figure out how to finish that novel and get it published. Must be a magical drink as it all came to pass. Sounds like a good reason to order another round.


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