Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel has been the center of controversy for years.  Many people believe the Holly Grail is stored underneath the Chapel.  Some believe aliens dock over the chapel every night.  My goal for this post is to simply share my experience at this wonderful and historical place.

Rosslyn is only seven miles from Edinburgh center.  Take bus 15 (Monday – Saturday) and bus 15A (Sunday) from Princes Street.  There are several stops but you should arrive in Rossllyn within 30 minutes.  The cost of the ride is 1.3 pounds.


Rosslyn Chapel was founded in 1446 by Sir William St. Clair.  It took 40 years to complete, according to the employees of the Chapel.  The Chapel served the St. Clair family for many years.  However, during the reformation, the chapel feel into disrepair and was abandoned.

I was impressed with the carving inside.  There is so much to see. The Mason’s Pillar, the Apprentice Pillar (he was killed by the master mason out of jealousy), and the crypt.  I was in absolute heaven.

When the Chapel was abandoned it was vulnerable to thieves and others that caused the Chapel harm.  I found several engraving or carving in the stone of the chapel.  Yes, I did see the Hooked X that Dr. Walters discusses on his show, America Unearthed.  However, I found several pentagrams, a swastika, and dozens of crosses.  Below is a pic I took on the door way outside the chapel.

Taken on the doorway outside the chapel.

Taken on the doorway outside the chapel.

I found several carving that resembled the Cross of Loraine.  It is obvious that Chapel has an attachment to the Templars.  Not in the Dan Brown way, but in a straight forward historical way.

The 4th Earl of Rosslyn is buried here.

The 4th Earl of Rosslyn is buried here.

I enjoyed my visit, however the Chapel is small and it does not compare to what you may have seen in the movie The Da Vinci Code.

Sundown at the ChapelYou can learn more about the Chapel by visiting the Chapel’s website:

The visitors center has a book shop, cafe, and several interactive videos that explains the history of the Chapel.  I paid nine pounds of the visit.  Keep in mind that pictures or video is not allowed inside the Chapel.


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