Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

MLK Memorial Entrance

Recently, I visited the Martin Luther King (MLK), JR memorial in Washington D.C. Of course, there has been a lot of controversy over the memorial due to a quote on the MLK statue.  Quite frankly, I feel that this controversy stole too much of the brilliance of this marvelous memorial.   It’s awesome!  It’s simply one of the nicest memorials in D.C.  Let’s focus on what this memorial is about and what it symbolizes.

Street Entrance

The entrance from the street is eye opening and jaw dropping.  This is very well done.  The path was lit by the rising sun and the reflection on the white rock was captivating.  It makes you feel like you’re following a path that someone created for you.  A path that cut through rock.  We all know MLK was a trail blazer and he was able to cut through hard rock to pave the way for millions of Americans.


Once you make your way through the path, you are faced with this rock with the quote, “Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.”  This is well placed and keeps the visitor intrigued on what is coming next.


On the other side of the rock, is the statue of MLK.  As you can see, it appears as if he cleared a path behind him and he is looking forward in confidence.  The memorial was designed by ROMA Design Group out of San Francisco.

Visit the MLK memorial.  There is so much here that will motivate you and humble you.  Besides the amazing statue, there is a long wall filled with his inspiring quotes.  You could spend hours reading them and thinking about how they apply and the history behind each word.


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