District of Columbia War Memorial

District of Columbia War Memorial

The District of Columbia War Memorial is a little known monument in West Potomac Park on the National Mall.  The memorial was officially dedicated on November 11, 1931 by President Herbert Hoover. The monument is the only District memorial on the National Mall and contained in the monument’s cornerstone is a list of names of 26,000 Washingtonians who served in World War I or ” The Great War.”  Inscribed at the base of the monument are the names of the 499 Washingtonians who lost their lives in the war.


Architect Fredrick H. Brooke, along with associate architects Horace W. Peaslee and Nathan C. Wyeth designed the monument.*  The dome of the monument is 47 feet and it is supported by twelve 22 foot tall marble columns.  The twelve columns stand on a 4 foot tall marble foundation.

The video is a bit shaky but I believe it provides a good view of the monument.

Inside View

Unfortunately, the memorial is currently closed due to the government shutdown. However, I was able to visit the memorial the weekend before the D.C. world stopped.  It’s sad to think about all the men and woman who sacrificed so much for future generations of Americans to only have our government behave in a way that denies access to the very monuments that reminds us of what they did for all of us.  My goal is to open the memorial through my blog.  If and when find yourself in D.C., please visit this memorial.  It’s a great place to take a break and also take in the amazing view.

116* Source wikipedia.com


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