John Paul Jones Memorial

John Paul Jones

The John Paul Jones Memorial was dedicated on April 17, 1912 and it was the first monument raised in Potomac Park in Washington, D.C.  This is impressive.  There are many monuments in Potomac Park, and to find this monument and blog about it is simply a joy.  John Paul Jones is the first U.S. naval war hero.  He is also considered the father of the United States Navy.

Back of the monument.

Charles H. Niehaus sculpted the 10 ft. bronze statue of Jones.  Each side of the monument has water flows that shoot out of sculpted fish.

Side of the monument.

PlaqueJones was the first person to raise the United States flag on an American warship.

John Paul Jones famously said during the Battle of Flamborough Head, “I have not yet begun to fight!”  This monument captures that spirit and I recommend stopping by while rushing to see the many other monuments in Potomac Park.


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