Nemi, Italia

Lake Nemi

The city of Nemi, Italy is a small town in the province of Rome, in the Alba Hills.  During ancient times, the city of Nemi did not exist but it was a site famous for the cult of Diana Nemorensis.  I enjoyed my day in the city and I was amazed how open and spacious the landscape was just a few miles outside of Rome.  The city is rich in history and it’s famous for the ships of Nemi that Caligula built which and it is also famous for its very unique strawberries.

City of Nemi

Nemi is situated about 18 miles southeast of Rome and the city overlooks Lake Nemi, a volcanic crater lake.


The wild strawberries in Nemi (which they are famous for) are the ones at the bottom left of the photo above.  They are smaller and sweeter than ordinary strawberries.  The volcanic earth near the lake provides a warm environment for the strawberries to grow and flourish.  There is a strawberry festival in Nemi held once a year.  Here is the website to find out more:

City of Nemi

If you visit Nemi, you should visit the museum at the bottom of the crater on the shore of the lake.  The museum was built to house the Nemi Ships which were built by the Roman emperor Caligula during the 1st century AD.  Two ships were built, one was a temple and and the other was to serve as a floating palace.  It would later be discovered that the ships contained technology that modern scholars did not know existed during Caligula’s time.  Many attempts were made to raise the ships but all were unsuccessful until 1927, when Italian dictator Benito Mussolini ordered the lake to be drained so the ships could be exposed.  Many artifacts were found and the ships also displayed amazing and advanced technology.  Unfortunately, on the night of May 31, 1944 (during World War II) the ships were burned completely.  There are many conflicting reports as to how the ships caught fire.  Some speculate that American artillery caused the fire (there was no structural damage to the facility housing the ships) and some speculate that the retreating German Army set fire to the ships.  I’ll let my readers do more research and make up their own decision.



Please provide feedback to this post.  I really would like to know what you think about the destruction of the ships.  “Who Done it?”


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  1. Amazing pictures and great information, as always. Makes me want to plan my next trip!!!


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