Almudena Festival in Madrid

Almudena Festival

This is an update to The Almudena Festival in Madrid posted in 2013.  I’ve updated this post with new photos and a video of the 2014 festival.  I look forward to your feedback.  Enjoy!  

The Almudena Festival is a celebration of the city’s Patron Saint, the Virgin of the Almudena.  I was in Madrid during the first week of November when the festival takes place and I was completely fascinated with the entire procession.  The citizens of Madrid came out in large numbers to take part in the catholic mass in the Plaza Mayor.  I was enchanted by the many costumes and traditional dress that was on display.  This is truly a must see historical event in Spain.

Mass at La Plaza Mayor

Procession through La Puerta del Sol

The procession leaves the Plaza Mayor after the mass and eventually makes its way through the streets of Madrid.  I was able to get a prime spot in the La Puerta del Sol which allowed me to take some nice close up pictures.

La Almudena


Finally, the procession made its way to the Almudena Cathedral.  The cathedral is a gorgeous and refreshing place of worship.  It’s relatively new when compared to other cathedrals in Europe.  According to the Eyewitness Travel guide, construction began in 1879 and was completed a century later.  The cathedral’s interior is Neo-Gothic and is filled with color and bright white marble that expresses energy and youth.


Almudena Cathedral

Map to the Almudena Cathedral.

Has anyone else seen the Almudena Festival?  What did you think?  Please share your thoughts on this amazing experience.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Almudena Festival 2014









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