Stunning Segovia

Aqueduct in Segovia, Spain

Stunning.  Simply stunning was all I could say when I visited Segovia, Spain.  The city has such a rich past that it had to be on a post for History Hiker.  I was amazed by the cities architecture, especially the Roman Aqueduct that is still standing.  The aqueduct is located in the Plaza del Azoguejo and according to the city guide the aqueduct was built by the Romans in the late 1st century or early 2nd century.  This is amazing!  All together there are 25,000 granite blocks held together without one ounce of mortar.  I sat on the steps at the base of the aqueduct for hours.  I was transfixed on its engineering and purpose. Why can’t we build things today that last for centuries?  Goodness what an achievement!

Town Square

I found that the fastest way to get to Segovia from Madrid is by train.  The train ride lasted a little over an hour and the scenery was amazing.  However, the train station does not take you directly to the city.  You will have to take a bus outside the station that will take you straight to the city center.  For more information on traveling to Segovia, Spain and how to get there visit the Spanish tourism site at:

The city is easy to traverse by foot.  There are so many different streets to take in so many different directions.  However, the city is small enough to get lost but also find your way back quickly.  It’s the getting lost part that I found so many interesting hidden away shops and bars.  Give yourself an entire day to visit the city which will allow you to walk slowly and take in all the amazing history the city has to offer.

Another landmark to see in Segovia is the Alcazar (Castle).  When you see the Alcazar for the first time you quickly think of your childhood and what you thought a castle looks like.  This is Castile after all.  According to the city guide the castle was first documented in the year 1122.  Since its creation it has been a favorite place to stay for the Kings of Castile.  However, in 1862 the Alcazar was ravaged by fire but was later restored to its former glory.  The Alcazar now houses the General Militar de Segovia archive and museum.

The Alcazar of Segovia

Path to getting lost.

Cathedral of Segovia

Small church outside the city walls.

My experience in Segovia was memorable and I would go back and see more of the city in a heartbeat.  There are so many aspects of the city that I could post each one on History Hiker (which I plan on doing).  If you’re in Spain visit Segovia; you will have an amazing experience.

©  2013 Samuel J. Garza

4 Comments on “Stunning Segovia

  1. Getting lost is indeed an adventure in itself. I myself often encountered interesting hidden places when I got lost. I’ve been reading and hearing nice reviews about Segovia, so I will make sure not to miss it when I’m in Spain one day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Bama! Yes, getting lost can be a lot of fun. Segovia is an amazing city and nice get away from a large city like Madrid. Thanks for sharing.


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