The Spanish Royal Guard (La Guardia Real)


The past three years I have had the opportunity to travel to Spain and see some of the most amazing landscapes and historical cities in the world.  I was able to see the La Guardia Real, which is an independent military unit of the Spanish Armed Forces.  Their duty is to protect the King of Spain and the members of the Spanish Royal Family.  La Guardia participates in several parades and ceremonial events but they are also an active combat unit which as served in Bosnia and Afghanistan.

I was impressed with the pride they displayed during the changing of the guard and how they showed extreme military discipline and order.  My video recorder and camera were put to good use with their amazing show of strength and tradition.

The oldest unity of the guard is on of the oldest military units in the world.  The Corps of Gentlemen of the Chamber, the Monteros de Espinosa has been in service since 1006.  This is fascinating information.  This unit has over a thousand years of history.  The unit was created by Sancho Garcia of the House of Castile.


You can find more information about the Royal Guard at this website:

The changing of the guard is performed every Wednesday at the Royal Palace of Madrid every first Wednesday of the month at midday.


If you every find yourself in Madrid I highly suggest you watch La Guardia perform their duties and have a camera handy.  You will not be disappointed.


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