Eagle Squadrons Monument


On a recent trip to Los Angeles, California I was able to visit a unique memorial  dedicated to the first men in the United States to volunteer for military service for the Royal Air Force prior to America’s involvement in World War II.  The Eagle Squadrons were mostly made of young men with little or no flying experience.  Many young men crossed the border into Canada and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force or the Royal Air Force (United Kingdom).  I was impressed with the nice polished stone with a detail description of the squadron and their heroics.  Equally impressive was the British spitfire hovering over head.

When I read the memorial and followed up with more reading on the internet, I realized that the movie Pearl Harbor staring Ben Affleck was also about the Eagle Squadron.  I did not like the movie that much, but I realized this was the first time I had heard of the Eagle Squadrons.  If you are in Los Angeles, I hope you would make a quick stop to the memorial and pay respects to the 66 Americans who gave their lives volunteering for the Eagle Squadrons.  Below is the address to the memorial and an interesting video I found on YouTube.

The address to the memorial is:

Eagle Squadrons Monument/11022 Aviation Boulevard/Los Angles, CA 90045

Eagle Squadron WWII Emblem


©  2013 Samuel Garza Photography

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